Tax Advice

  • Advice on all tax matters and representation to tax authorities
  • Assistance and advice in all tax audits (external audits for tax purposes, income tax audits)
  • Advice on tax matters (eg deferral, moratoria etc.)
  • Representation to all tax authorities, the Independent Tax Board (UFS) and the Administrative Court (VwGH) on tax matters
  • Advice on choosing a legal form and tax arrangements in reorganizations (eg mergers, divestments, changes of form, investments, property division)
  • Tax planning in corporate and asset inheritance, charitable gifts and wills
  • Advice on international tax law, in particular in co-operation with our worldwide HLB partners
  • Advice on labour and social insurance matters, representation at audits by social insurance institutions
  • Monetary transactions, auditing and financial control for foreign clients’ branches