Our Services

Tax Advice

  • Advice on all tax matters and representation to tax authorities
  • Assistance and advice in all tax audits (external audits for tax purposes, income tax audits)
  • Advice on tax matters (eg deferral, moratoria etc.)
  • Representation to all tax authorities, the Independent Tax Board (UFS) and the Administrative Court (VwGH) on tax matters
  • Advice on choosing a legal form and tax arrangements in reorganizations (eg mergers, divestments, changes of form, investments, property division)
  • Tax planning in corporate and asset inheritance, charitable gifts and wills
  • Advice on international tax law, in particular in co-operation with our worldwide HLB partners
  • Advice on labour and social insurance matters, representation at audits by social insurance institutions
  • Monetary transactions, auditing and financial control for foreign clients’ branches


  • Keeping accounts (bookkeeping and investment accounting)
  • Selection of management staff
  • Advice on labour and social-insurance matters, representation at audits by social insurance institutions
  • Cost accounting

Payroll Accounting

  • Payroll accounting
  • Extensive payroll services
  • Selection of management staff
  • Advice on labour and social-insurance matters, representation at audits by social insurance institutions
  • Cost accounting

Annual Accounts

  • Preparation of annual accounts or assistance in the preparation of annual accounts
  • Preparation of special and supplementary balance sheets
  • Preparation of profit-and-loss accounts
  • Preparation of income statements
  • Advice and assistance on balance-sheet tax law
  • Preparation of all tax declarations (business and private)
  • Examination of tax-assessment notices
  • Preparation of applications of any kind

Corporate Advice

  • Business advice
  • Advice and assistance in preparing short and medium-term budget accounts
  • Advice and planning in connection with organizational matters
  • Corporate advice, cost accounts
  • Advice on the founding or expansion of businesses, forecast planning of the first financial years
  • Advice on the creation of internal control systems


  • Auditing of annual accounts
  • Statutory and voluntary audits of company and group accounts under national law
  • Foundation audits
  • Statutory and voluntary audits to the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) of group accounts to international accounting standards (US-GAAP, IAS/IFRS)
  • Incorporation audits
  • Reorganization audits (mergers, divestments, audits of contributions in kind)
  • Audits of association accounts
  • Management audits
  • Special audits
  • Audits of internal control systems
  • Bank audits under the Banking Act [BWG]
  • Pension fund audits under the Pension Funds Act [PKG]
  • Audits of financial service companies under the Financial Services Act [WAG]
  • Audits under the Capital Market Act [KMG] (HLB Intercontrol is included on the list of approved prospectus auditors under the Capital Market Act [KMG] Section 8.2b kept by the FMA (Financial Market Regulator)
  • Conduct of internal audits

Corporate Finance

  • Conceptual design for tax purposes of business or share purchases or sales and advice relevant to such procedures
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Corporate valuation
  • Financing advice
  • Asset management


  • All services in the IT field provided in co-operation with Revidata